Today I’m going to solve the great mystery that so many are wondering about. Why are so many agents joining Abby Realty?

I was out to lunch with my friend Jim yesterday and he said this to me: “OK, Frank. Give it up. I know you’re a nice guy and all, but you’re company is five months old and you’ve already attracted 60 agents. What in the world is going on over there?”

It’s really no mystery, and I’ll share with you exactly what I told him. Abby Realty started from the ground up as an agent-centric company, designed to meet the greatest wants and needs of agents. I was in the industry for over 20 years before I started Abby Realty, and I did it with the specific intent of creating something. A company where agents can achieve at any level of aspiration, where they are surrounded by people who know, like, and support them, and where they aren’t giving an inordinate percentage of their income to their broker.

Those ideas can be summed up as productivity, comradery, and low fees. Those are the three pillars on which Abby Realty is built:

Productivity: At Abby Realty, we have created the tools, training, and support to enable any agent to achieve any level of aspiration. Whether you want to make $50,000, $150,000, or $1,500,000, we know what it takes to produce and can provide the support to get you there.

“This is a winning combination for all agents.”

Camaraderie: We know that real estate can be a lonely business, so we structured Abby Realty to create the support that agents need. As a quick example, we have an optional Monday morning meeting where almost half of them show up at every one. It’s absolutely crazy and wonderful. After we do some training, sharing, and getting to know one another, we head out to lunch together. We don’t talk business, we just get to know each other. With such great relationships, we know that if we’re on vacation and need somebody to take care of our clients, there is always someone there for them and for us.

Low fees: How’s this for an agent-centric compensation plan? A 90/10 split capped at $10,000 and just a $100 transaction fee, with no other fees of any kind. I want agents to keep the bulk of the money that they earn to support their families, fund their aspirations, and have the funds available to invest back into their business.

You put these three things together and you have a winning combination to attract agents. They recognize that in this environment, they’ll have the support they need to build the career that they’ve always dreamed of.

That’s what I shared with my friend Jim and I’m happy to share it with you as well. If you have any questions for me or want to know more about our team, don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.