Today I’m sharing the two main reasons, among many others, why Abby Realty has been so successful.


By now, many people have heard about Abby Realty’s success. We’re only two years old but we have more than 300 agents and are seeing growth with no signs of stopping. We’ve opened offices in Tyler, Southwest Houston, Katy, and beyond—how did this meteoric rise happen?

Some think it’s our commitment to productivity. No doubt that helping our agents achieve at any level of aspiration is critically important, but it’s deeper than that. 

Others think that it’s the camaraderie that we enjoy in Abby Realty. The fact that I, as a broker, truly love and care for our real estate agents and that we support each other like family isn’t the reason either. 

“Productivity, camaraderie, and integrity are simply how our culture is built.”

Others still assume that it’s our integrity that has led to our success. Though we at Abby Realty certainly demand more of each other as professionals, hold each other accountable, and live and work by the highest standard of ethics, this isn’t the reason either. 

Productivity, camaraderie, and integrity are simply how our company culture is built. Not until you’re inside Abby Realty do you understand that those aspects are just who we are. So if those aren’t it, what’s behind our recent success? 

  1. The money. Abby Realty has very low fees, about one-third of the cost of other big-name brokerages. Let’s just be honest about it. By joining our team, agents dramatically lower their monthly, annual, and split fees. We don’t mess around with all that craziness. 
  2. High levels of service. Before agents even join us, we’re already talking with them about our tools and training designed to help them maximize their efficiency in this business. 

To sum it up: We offer a high level of service at a low-fee model. There are plenty of high-service, high-fee brokerages and plenty of low-service, low-fee brokerages, but no one else is doing what we’re doing—offering the best of both. 

If I can ever help you in any way, please reach out by phone or email. I’d love to answer any real estate questions you may have or explain our philosophy in more detail.