If you want to achieve your breakthrough dreams and goals, you need the two dimensions of success: the internal and the external. 

Most people fully intend to stick to their commitments, but this is often easier said than done. There are plenty of agents, for example, who’ve gotten their license and had high hopes for the things they planned to accomplish and the people they intended to help, but 97% of all agents are no longer in the business five years after acquiring their license. 

What happened? It could simply be that they chose the wrong environment. They may have been motivated and committed, but they chose an office or brokerage that didn’t support their success. 

What does adequate support look like? It’s different for every agent, which is why there are many different real estate companies out there who serve different types of agents. When a mismatch between an agent and a brokerage happens, frustration follows. When an agent finds a supportive environment and the internal and external dimensions match, however, amazing things happen. 

“Here at Abby Realty, we have two cultural dimensions that propel our agents to success.”

Here at Abby Realty, we have two cultural dimensions that propel our agents to success. The first is a productivity culture that lends support to agents and helps them achieve any level of aspiration. The second is a camaraderie culture. In other words, we all know, like, and support each other. 

These two dimensions aren’t a perfect fit for every agent. Some agents prefer to do things on their own. If you’re the type of person who wants to move ahead in friendship and companionship with others, though, our team might be the perfect environment for you. 

You control your level of motivation, but it’s your broker’s responsibility to build an environment that supports your success. In the end, though, it still starts with you, because only you can choose the right environment. 

If you think that Abby Realty is the right environment for your career, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to help you achieve all of your goals. Let’s do it together.