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Frank Gray
Frank Gray

At Abby Realty we specialize in helping experienced real estate agents take their business to the next level. We’re hiring agents throughout the Houston real estate area including The Woodlands, Conroe, Spring, Kingwood, League City, Pearland, Katy, Tomball and Cypress. Get the support, training, and personal coaching you need to fund the life you’ve always imagined. Did we mention that we have no monthly fees, no franchise fees, no annual dues, and a 80/20 commission split? Apply now for a free, no obligation phone call or live coaching conversation to see if Abby Realty is the right environment for your career!

Dear Fellow Agents,

You started you real estate career with high hopes of generating a fabulous income while maintaining control of your schedule. Now that you’ve been selling for awhile you know how to write contracts, work with clients, and generate leads.

But if you’re like most agents, you find yourself working a lot more hours than you expected and making a lot less money than you need. Certainly not enough money to fund the life of your dreams.

That’s where I can help.

Allow me to introduce myself. After getting a bachelor’s degree in business, and a masters and doctoral degree in theology, I spent several years serving as a youth minister and senior pastor. In 1992 my wife and I were expecting our first child and moved to Houston to be closer to family. At that time I began selling new homes for the David Weekley company in Cinco Ranch. After a couple years selling real estate I was offered a position with RE/MAX International to serve as a Management Consultant.

For nearly 20 years I served as a business coach to brokers and agents within the RE/MAX organization in Missouri, Ohio, Florida, the Carolinas and Texas. During that time I became certified in almost every real estate training program, including those from Howard Brinton, Brian Buffini, and Tom Ferry. As a master trainer in the Momentum agent training program I was invited to the RE/MAX World Headquarters in Denver each month to train new franchisees how to coach agents to the highest levels of production.

In 2013 I became the business coach for the RE/MAX office in The Woodlands. At that time I began selling real estate again because I didn’t want to just teach from a book, but from actual real-world experience. My message to my agents was simple: If you want to build an abundant real estate business, just do what I do. I was starting from scratch, selling part-time (since I had a full-time job as business coach), in a market where I didn’t know anybody and had no local sphere-of-influence.

But I just began practicing what I had been preaching for years, using proven systems and strategies to grow my business. Within just a few months I was selling several homes each month and achieved numerous top producer awards including 100% Club, Platinum Club, and Top 500. In 2017 I earned over $280,000 selling real estate part-time without a team or an assistant. And the office I served continued to lead the state of Texas in per-agent-productivity.

What I’m saying is that I know how to produce at a very high level and how to coach agents to do the same.

On November 15, 2017, I left RE/MAX to start my own real estate company, Abby Realty, named for my beautiful and dearly loved daughter. My intention was to build an entirely new kind of real estate company: one totally focused on mentoring, coaching, and supporting agents to achieve at any level of aspiration, but without charging them the ridiculously high fees that have become the norm in our industry.

You can find real estate companies with low fees, and you can find real estate companies with great support, but I didn’t know of a single company that provided both. Abby Realty does.

Let’s start with great support. We have live training sessions every Monday at our weekly Family Reunion. Those training sessions cover topics like lead generation, lead conversion, client servicing, team building, and contract mastery. Then we have small peer group training classes focused on specific topics like Sphere-of-Influence farming, becoming the preferred agent your preferred neighborhood, and generating massive amounts of leads with FaceBook Marketing. We also have the $100k Club which teaches the strategies that will enable any agent to grow their commission income by $100,000 in twelve months. If that weren’t enough, we host FREE CE classes for agents from all companies every month, including Legal 1 & 2, Broker Responsibility, and much more.

The other companies that provide robust and comprehensive training like this charge a fortune in commission splits, monthly fees, annual dues, mentoring overrides, and then have additional fees for the training. I think that’s ridiculous! It’s like a restaurant charging you for a hamburger and then charging extra for the bun!

I believe training, coaching and agent development is the number one responsibility of a brokerage, so to charge extra for it is simply illogical, unreasonable and unfair.

Let’s talk about those fees. By the time agents pay fat commission splits and all the other nuisance fees that brokerages tack on, it’s no wonder that most agents qualify for food stamps! Even if you generate a lot of commission income, you end up giving so much of it to your broker that there’s hardly anything left for you and your family. And the irony is that you were the one who generated that money through your hard work and long hours. Yet you get to keep very little of it.

It’s different at Abby Realty. Our compensation plan is simple, lean, and easy-to-understand. Here goes: 80/20 commission split with a $100 transaction fee. That’s it! No monthly fees, no annual dues, no franchise fees, no desk fees, no E&O surcharges, no technology fees, no training fees, no mentorship fees, nothing. NO HIDDEN CHARGES. NO SURPRISES. And if that weren’t enough, Abby Realty even pays for your CSS and BackAgent dues.

Just to be clear, once your 10% split to Abby Realty reaches $10,000, you keep 100% of your commissions until your anniversary date.

It’s no wonder that since launching in November 2017, an average of three agents join Abby Realty every week!

But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what some of our agents have to say:

Abby Realty provides a clear path for growth, fueled by Frank’s enthusiasm. - Cathy Wilson

Excellent team of realtors, all fun, professional, knowledgeable, and a family environment. All show the desire to help and encourage one another. - Trina Hoffland

When I met Frank I knew he was going to be helpful and I could learn a lot from him. My expectations were correct. Very helpful. Very knowledgable. - Berlyn Chinchilla

I joined to get the training and tools used by top agents, and I got them! - Kevin Meine

Abby Realty is helping me reach my potential. - Kris Wilson

If I could imagine my dream brokerage, which I did before I discovered Abby Realty, it is exactly what Abby Realty is. The coaching, the staff, the vision, the support and the finances. - Karla Talancon

Our team joined Abby Realty so we could grow within huge fees. I love the training, camaraderie and diversity - Denise Tilley

Abby Realty gave our team the flexibility it was looking for in terms of branding and marketing. What I like best is that Frank is very hands-on and always available. The fees are the lowest anywhere. - Melissa McCracken

I love the amazing team environment and great training. - Sheryl Vecchio

The productive culture and camaraderie culture empower me and enable me to serve my clients at the highest levels. - Anh Jorgensen

The lead generation programs work! - Tim Brown

The company is very organized and has great people who make me feel comfortable and excited. - Jannie Jonker

I love the agents, the training, the connections, the knowledge. I could go on and on. - Shan Randle

My broker is my mentor. He advises me and shows me how to improve. He’s always available to answer questions.He’s a true leader that I pattern myself after. I know he has my back. - Liz Smith

I’ve been with three different real estate companies in my career so I can say with confidence that no other broker goes so far above and beyond, and truly cares for you and your success, like Frank Gray. - Michelle Eubanks

Adam Olsen
Anh Jorgensen
Denise Tilley
Liz Smith
Michelle Eubanks
Trina Hoffland

Let me close with a personal story of one of my agents, Adam Olsen. Adam launched his career with a nationally-known real estate company which touts their training programs as being the best in the world. But after seven months of their training, Adam hadn’t sold a single home. He was frustrated and ready to quit when someone recommended he come talk to me. After just a few minutes together I knew he had the motivation to succeed at a high level. And if someone is motivated, I can help them! Adam joined me and in his first twelve months made over $100,000. Today Adam is one of the top agents in the Houston metro area and routinely carries 65-75 active listings. When I launched Abby Realty one of the first things I did was call Adam. He and his entire team came over and are already taking more listings and selling more homes, ranches, and commercial properties than ever before.

If you’re tired of empty promises, high fees, and training programs that don’t translate to real commissions, please call me. We’ll schedule a free, no-obligation conversation to talk about your career, your aspirations, and whether or not Abby Realty is the right environment to get you where you want to be.

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