Today, I’m asking you a question: Is it time that you considered opening your own real estate office?


Perhaps you’ve observed that there’s a natural progression in the real estate industry: An agent gets their real estate license, they start closing a few deals, they get productive, they become overwhelmed by business, and then they start building a team—a buyer’s agent, an administrative assistant, a listing specialist, and so on.

Ultimately, a thought enters the team leader’s mind: “Perhaps I should get a brokerage license and open my own real estate office.”

This is a pattern that has been repeated throughout the history of the real estate industry. However, there’s a challenge in this process: The team leader suddenly becomes responsible for providing their agents with brokerage support, coming up with the technology to support the entire office, doing training for their team as well as individual agents, and all the back-office support that goes on in a productive real estate office. Due to this, the transition from a team leader to a business owner can be difficult and hurt the office’s productivity.

“We’ll provide all those things that can be a distraction to office productivity using an economic model that makes complete sense to us and you.”

If you’re a team leader who is thinking about taking the next step toward owning your own office, I have a solution to those challenges for you:

Abby Realty has pioneered a model for seamlessly transitioning agents into a business leader role. Several of our agents have opened up their own offices in Tyler, Huntsville, Bellaire, and soon Katy, using our model. It makes the process so much easier, and even better, it makes sense to open an office in partnership with Abby Realty. 

You provide the office space by either buying or leasing the building (in some cases, we’ve found financing partners to purchase the building for our Abby agents who were taking this leap) and someone at the front desk to greet clients as they come in, and then Abby Realty will take care of the rest.

We’ll provide all the tools, technology, training resources, back-office support, and brokerage oversight that your office needs—all those things that can be a distraction to productivity—using an economic model that makes complete sense.

I’d love to share the details with you if you’re thinking about taking the leap toward owning your own office. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Abby Realty! Let’s go there together.