Here at Abby Realty, we have by far one of the best compensation plans you’ll hear about in the real estate industry.

The plan is a 90/10 split with a $10,000 cap and a $100 transaction fee. If you’re new to real estate, this means when you have a closing, you keep 90% of your commission. Once the 10% reaches $10,000, you keep 100% of the commission until your anniversary day with Abby Realty. The fine print behind this plan is there are no monthly fees or hidden charges whatsoever, and the company pays for CSS and BackAgent.

Why have we put together such an agent-friendly compensation plan? For many years, I was a recruiter at a big international franchise that was well-known for helping agents achieve very high levels of productivity. The challenge, though, was that the fees were so high (monthly and annually) and took such a big chunk out of the split that many agents were either never able to join the company or weren’t able to get traction in their careers. It just cost too much.

“My passion is helping agents achieve any level of aspiration.”

When I left to start my own company, I was determined to lower the bar of entry so that people who had the inner drive, talent, and personality to succeed would not be put aside because of high fees.

If you want to launch a real estate career and you’re committed to doing it on a full-time basis, we have an opportunity for you. Once you start making money in this business, you’ll keep the bulk of it for yourself. We enable agents to achieve higher and higher levels of aspiration. When you keep your own money, you have more to invest back into your own business and grow that business.

If you’re interested in this opportunity, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to sit down with you and share more ideas on how to spark your real estate career.