Did you know that there is danger out there when it comes to real estate training? You’ve probably never heard it put like that before, but it’s true.

Most people think that going to training classes is one of the best uses of their time. In fact, as a trainer for many years, I’ve met plenty of agents who are training room junkies. Any time they can expand their knowledge about real estate, they jump at the opportunity. What could possibly be wrong with that?

The truth is that the only limitation that any one of us faces is our time. We only have 24 hours in a day, and we’ve chosen real estate as the career path to fund the lives that we want to live. While we’re in the training class, we’re not making any money or working with buyers and sellers.

“Only go to training classes that are relevant to your business plan.”

When should you go to training classes? In my opinion, you should only go when they are relevant to your business plan.

If open houses are a source of your business plan and you feel like your knowledge and skills aren’t adequate to convert at the level required, then you need to be at an open house boot camp class. At the same time, if a FSBO class is being offered, but FSBOs aren’t part of your business plan, you do not need to be in that class.

In the end, you should be highly selective about the classes you attend to ensure that they are relevant to what you’re trying to accomplish in your business this year.

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