Where should agents spend their marketing dollars?


If you’re a new agent or one with a limited marketing budget, how should you invest your money to maximize your marketing efforts? There are three key ways to spend your money:

First, invest in your print marketing materials. When you’re selling above the $200,000 price point, you’ll want to shift from an 8.5”x11” brochure to an 11”x17”, four-color, heavy-duty, laminated brochure printed on cardstock. This helps you wow your potential clients when you present yourself to them. Beyond that, I would say that your listing flyers are also critically important, and not just when you’re marketing the home—but also when you’re showing your sellers how you’ll market their home.

You should have a high-quality brochure no matter what price point you’re selling in, so don’t spare any expenses on it! The quality of your marketing materials reflects the quality of the home you’re helping to sell. When buyers see the listing presented beautifully and professionally, they’ll presume that the home itself is also high-quality.

“The way you market the home reflects the quality of the home.”

Next, invest in your yard signs, which should be 18”x30” and of the highest quality possible. These signs represent your brand and let passersby know the home is for sale, so it should shine bright both during the day and when headlights hit it at night. Don’t put your sign in a black, wrought-iron frame that you just stick in the ground; rather, use one of those five-foot aluminum or wood posts to make an impression. Be sure to take care of the signs over time and take pictures of them because again, the way you market the home reflects the quality of the home.

Third, invest in your online leads. These should be purchased cheaply and in large quantities since all individual online leads are lacking quality. If you converted just 1%, 3%, or 5% of your online leads, you could still make a fortune if you have enough of them—even if they’re bad.

If I can ever help you improve your marketing strategies or help you to build your business, reach out to me. I’m happy to help.